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EY Synapse Tools

The options available on the EY Synapse platform are compatible with leading industry-standard analytic and visualization technologies. The data is securely hosted in the cloud and meets strict security and regulatory requirements, as well as EY’s security, safe harbor and data privacy policies. The key elements of EY Synapse used by EYC3 include:

Hex Small

EY HEX: An agile, big data advanced analytics scoring solution that delivers fast, on-demand results in the cloud. 


  • Top 4 Australian Bank: Cyber-security threat detection in real time. Real-time cyber-security threat detection, intervention and reporting on high volume and velocity streaming-data.
  • Top 4 Australian Bank: Bad debt recovery. Intelligent contact staging to improve bad debt recovery.
  • Large Australian Supermarket Retailer: Immediately improved sales results from loyalty programme. Customer level customization of weekly specials EDM based on product and store purchase preferences.
  • Education Provider: Improved completion rates for students: Evaluate and remunerate agents based on quality of students enrolled, target marketing to ‘good students’ and identify interventions to promote higher completion rates.
  • Urban Toll Road Network: Traffic flow analytics conducted to schedule maintenance procedures, ensuring the least disruption to users possible.
Simulait Small

EY SIMULAIT: Accurately predicts human behavior using cognitive decision processes, the how and why of human decision making. 



Behavior change is driven by changing context and influences.

  • Simulait focuses on how and why people make decisions (cognitive decision processes) and the models are built using readily available data. Simulait delivers greater predictability of future behavior across large populations by inputting a small set of data, (the influences). Some influences can be directly controlled (marketing or pricing). It is a cognitive-based computational model using a multi-disciplinary approach and a team of experts in artificial intelligence, simulation, behavioral science, game theory, agent-based modelling, engineering and micro-economics.
Improving performance, reducing costs and accurately predicting human behaviors:
  • Accurate sales estimations: Accurately estimated the previous 10 years of sales in volatile markets for one client – without the sales figures.
  • Reducing infrastructure costs: Simulait saved one client $2Bn in infrastructure expenses.
  • Dynamic consumer markets: Achieves 90+% accuracy in predicting human behaviors across large populations and helps clients to optimize strategies to influence customer behavior (buy more, stay etc.) using multiple ‘what if’ scenarios.
  • Forecasting & scenario testing: >90% accuracy across residential demand and end-use of water even with dramatic changes in demand and drought restrictions.

Test multiple scenarios to optimize performance across a range of industries:

  • Uptake and success of a new electric vehicle launch
  • Optimized incentives to increase retail product uptake
  • Improved community safety from disasters (e.g. wild fires)
  • Optimized conservation strategies in high-drought areas
  • Reduced infrastructure cost & risk via accurate energy and water demand forecasts
Integrity Small

EY INTEGRITY: Allows business users to easily and securely collect, collate and validate data without IT support.


  • Enhanced reporting capabilities and reduced data collection and reporting cycles. Improved business reporting outputs and engagement with 50 plus users; 200 plus views per month; 5 data submitters; 60 data sets; and 20 New KPI dashboards.
  • Reduced collection and reporting cycles from months to minutes, providing: full, accessible data history; dramatically improved data quality; and a short, reliable validation feedback loop and took just six weeks to be operational.
  • Providing quality, flexibility, real-time reporting, robust data security and manages over 25 data sets with 50 code tables, collecting data from 17 training providers every month which represents 27,000 file interchanges per annum.
  • Rapid results, quick, easy, user-friendly master data management for non-technical business users. Up and running in days, saving the merchandising team time and money by automating stock master data management.
  • Facilities management at large Australian mine providing reliable, real time data with easy user access and significant time, effort and costs savings. A business-user friendly data collection, collation and validation option with tight security protocols.