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Data & Advanced Analytics: High Stakes, High Rewards

Nearly two-thirds of companies with well-established advanced analytics strategies report operating margins and revenues of 15% or more, according to a report developed by Forbes Insights, in collaboration with EY. The report, Data and Advanced Analytics: High Stakes, High Rewards, revealed that among those organizations who have an analytics strategy that is well-established and central to the overall business strategy, rated their competitive ability in data and analytics as market-leading. Of these organizations, 66% achieved revenue growth of 15% or more, while 63% reported that operating margins had increased 15% or more in 2016. In addition, 60% of these companies said they also improved their risk profiles.

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Whitepaper: Big data privacy in Australia

"There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be." – Robert Mueller, FBI Director, 2012.

There is an explosion of data coming from every level of the organization, and customers and citizens from across the globe. This data is an asset with considerable economic and societal value. When used for big data analytics the insights will revolutionize how you do business. However, if you don't understand the risks and your obligations, your biggest asset could turn into your greatest liability.

In this five-article series, we provide you with a whole-of-business view of your responsibilities and the risks to consider when accessing, obtaining, using and storing personal data. We'll also provide tips, strategic thinking and tactical actions to help you protect your organisation against breaches and maintain your 'license to operate' in the future.

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