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Data & Advanced Analytics: High Stakes, High Rewards

Nearly two-thirds of companies with well-established advanced analytics strategies report operating margins and revenues of 15% or more, according to a report developed by Forbes Insights, in collaboration with EY. The report, Data and Advanced Analytics: High Stakes, High Rewards, revealed that among those organizations who have an analytics strategy that is well-established and central to the overall business strategy, rated their competitive ability in data and analytics as market-leading. Of these organizations, 66% achieved revenue growth of 15% or more, while 63% reported that operating margins had increased 15% or more in 2016. In addition, 60% of these companies said they also improved their risk profiles.

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Is data Singapore's next big bet?

The amount of data worldwide will soon balloon to a phenomenal 44 zettabytes by 2020 (one zettabyte is equivalent to 250 DVDs). But to what extent can data – a completely virtual asset – deliver tangible economic opportunities?

For a country like Singapore, characterized by a highly connected ecosystem, there is huge opportunity to monetize data assets for economic gains. From a domestic standpoint, there are endless opportunities to better improve the quality of life for citizens in the areas of health care, transport, maritime services and security enforcement.

However, realizing the true economic value of data requires a transformation and can only be achieved with full participation of government, business and people. Find out more...

Why EY is bridging relational and AI thinking

A new generation of  artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive computing is being embedded into enterprise. Subsequently, a number of opportunities, and challenges, are emerging for the new breed of enterprise AI. Managing Partner, Conrad Bates, explains that in order to successfully use AI and cognitive computing technologies, organizations must steer away from relational-based thinking and reorganize the relational database to enable advanced analytics techniques to be applied. Read the full article...

Culture Trumps Technology If You Want To Be A Data-Driven Company

Forbes Insights recently gathered senior executives to discuss the challenges and opportunities they face in their journeys to make decision-making and strategies more effective through the better use of data and analytics. In partnership with EY, Forbes convened senior leaders in roundtable discussions in Toronto and Silicon Valley to exchange ideas and best practices. Find out more...

Outsourcing Data Science: What You Need To Know

More companies are creating data science capabilities to enable competitive advantages. Because data science talent is rare and the demand for such talent is high, organizations often work with outsourced partners to fill important skill gaps. Here are a few reasons to consider outsourcing. What can go right and wrong along the way? Read the full article...

Businesses harness emotional analytics for gains

Companies are using behavioral analytics and sentiment analysis to better understand their customers, but there are still important pieces of insight missing. Few businesses have the ability to engage individuals in a way that is appropriate to the emotions they are feeling in the moment. Emotional analytics can help bridge cognitive gaps between humans and machines.

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Using data and analytics to predict and ultimately change the future

Big data and advanced analytics are game changers for business. The organizations realizing true value from their data are shifting away from the traditional “analyze/report” model to applying newer advanced analytics enabling them to predict the future and prescribe interventions to change behaviors and outcomes in their favor.

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Winning the advanced analytics race

Big data and advanced analytics are concepts that have moved from theory into practice within Australian organisations. While there is a noticeable disparity when we look at the level of maturity across industries and organisations of differing sizes, we are set to see the widespread investigation and adoption of advanced analytics amongst businesses seeking competitive advantage. EYC3's Head of Analytics, Gavin Seewooruttun, talks to Technology Spectator about how advanced analytics is becoming more ingrained in the Australian business landscape.

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The five top uses for advanced analytics

Advanced analytics is changing the way many organisations approach their customer interactions and the very process of doing business. EYC3's Head of Analytics, Gavin Seewooruttun, talks to ABC Technology about how data can be used to predict consumer buying behaviours, empowering organisations to make fact-based decisions.

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Big data: what's holding Australian businesses back

Big Data has gained widespread popularity amongst Australia’s business community in the past two years. Despite this, Australian organisations still aren’t taking full advantage of the benefits that advanced analytics brings. In this article, C3's head of advanced analytics, Gavin Seewooruttun, talks about what is holding Australian businesses back on big data.

C3 and EY join forces in Asia Pacific region

We are pleased to advise that EY has agreed to acquire the C3 group of companies consisting of C3 Business Solutions, C3 Products and IMC. This will see the two organisations join forces to deliver one of the most powerful advanced analytics and enterprise intelligence teams in the Asia Pacific region.

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How to achieve Agile business intelligence success

The Agile development approach to data management and business intelligence (BI) projects is seeing greater take up by CIOs as public and private sector firms demand faster, more measurable returns on their information investments.
Tony Kenney, C3 Partner, talks about how an Agile approach can be used to incrementally add business value and if deployed correctly, can return great benefits to any organisation. Read the CIO article here...

How small business can use big data

Many organisations are unaware of how valuable data can really be if used in the right way, and the phrase ‘big data’ might be enough to scare away smaller businesses. But many of the mathematical algorithms, tools and techniques for analysing massive data sets also apply to small and medium businesses, and are becoming more accessible.


Using Advanced Analytics for the Public Sector

In today's world, citizens are becoming increasingly demanding as they expect more from government departments and organisations and change the way they interact with those same organisations; looking for faster, easier service, when and where it's convenient for them.

Insuring Against Industry Disruption with Advanced Analytics

Customers are becoming more demanding as they change the way they interact with organisations; looking for faster, easier ways to engage, when and where it’s convenient for them. Analytically oriented businesses understand, and adapt to, their customers’ journeys leaving behind businesses that ask them to wait in bricks & mortar shopfronts or to stay on hold for lengthy periods of time in call centres. If businesses aren’t meeting their demands, and managing the experience in a way that engages them, customers are moving to competitors that can.

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Advanced Sensor Analytics Makes Business Sense

Today, the availability of low-cost intelligent sensors, networked mobile devices and wireless networks is enabling data-driven decisions in domains that historically relied on intuitive problem solving. Read why a competitive strategy centred on analytics must be underpinned by an information architecture that can source, store, fuse and analyse sensor data in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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Travel Tech Q&A with Conrad Bates

Managing partner Conrad Bates is featured in this weeks ZDNet Tech Q&A -

In this week's ZDNet Travel Tech Q&A, C3 Business Solutions managing partner Conrad Bates talks about how he manages to satisfy his passion for cycling when travelling abroad, the time when the plane he was on rolled off the runway, and his drug of choice to combat jet lag.

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Article: Hot BI Trend - Agile IM

Agile information management is growing rapidly in popularity and it’s easy to see why. Agile delivery can be linked directly to business value and it delivers that value incrementally. No long delivery cycles with little tangible business outcome along the way as with waterfall delivery.

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Just another face in the crowd?

Aggregating reams of data on your users and customers, then mining that data for business intelligence, is powerful indeed. But combining these otherwise disparate stockpiles of personal data has grave ethical implications, particularly if these datasets should ever fall into the wrong hands. Conrad Bates*, from C3 Business Solutions, discusses these considerations and the need for ethics standards for information management.


Explainer: Big Data

Big Data, as the name suggests, is about making sense out of extremely large sets of data...

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Better data flow saves $2m-$3m per 1000 staff

Within an hour of two planes flying into the twin towers of New York’s World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001, Walmart had placed an order with its supplier for extra stocks of American flags. Having a fully automated stock control system gave the company a competitive advantage because it was the first to respond to the trend of a massive spike in flag sales that continued over the coming weeks and months. 


Making Mobile BI Mainstream

Conrad Bates talks about Mobile BI in the business world with Technology Spectator. "The rapid take up of mobile, tablet and android technologies...has not been confined to the consumer world. Businesses, too, are arming workforces with these tools as part of everyday ‘work wear’, driven by the ever increasing value being placed by senior management on the ability to stay one step ahead via instant access to commercial information." 


C3's Top Six BI Trends for 2012

Following Gartner’s BIIM Summit in Sydney, Conrad Bates and Cameron Wall, managing partners of C3 Business Solutions, share with CIO online the top six business intelligence trends they believe will drive the industry in 2012. 


Big data for predictive analysis: hype or reality?

Managing partner, Cameron Wall talks about big data for predictive analysis -
"The past 12 months have seen the information management and business intelligence world abuzz with the idea of big data. The technology behind big data promises to change the information landscape and provide a strong competitive advantage and insight previously considered unfeasible."

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