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Whitepaper: Big data privacy in Australia

"There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be." – Robert Mueller, FBI Director, 2012.

There is an explosion of data coming from every level of the organization, and customers and citizens from across the globe. This data is an asset with considerable economic and societal value. When used for big data analytics the insights will revolutionize how you do business. However, if you don't understand the risks and your obligations, your biggest asset could turn into your greatest liability.

In this five-article series, we provide you with a whole-of-business view of your responsibilities and the risks to consider when accessing, obtaining, using and storing personal data. We'll also provide tips, strategic thinking and tactical actions to help you protect your organisation against breaches and maintain your 'license to operate' in the future.

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Article: The analytics-driven CFO

Using advanced predictive analytics to drive financial success.

The role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) continues to evolve in Asia-Pacific as the demands from the business shift and change. The CFO must become a futurist; must rise above transactional responsibilities and use data and advanced analytics to forecast and shape the future.

In this five-article series, you’ll be guided through the art of the possible to get true value from your data and analytics initiatives. You’ll understand what is required from a business and technical perspective to begin or move your organisation through your analytics evolution, giving you the power to be the predictive indicator of financial success across the organisation.

What’s next for the changing role of the CFO?

  1. CFO getting value from data and analytics 
  2. The key to success for the analytics-driven CFO
  3. Barriers to becoming an analytics-driven CFO
  4. Three steps to becoming an analytics-driven CFO
  5. Driving change to an analytics-driven culture

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Article: EY named an IDC MarketScape Leader for Worldwide Business Analytics Consulting

Lead by a $500M investment in analytics over the last 24 months and 27 acquisitions, including C3, EY has been named a worldwide IDC MarketScape leader in business analytics consulting and systems integration (C&SI) services. Enabling organizations to derive true value from their data and analytics initiatives, EY helps bridge the gap from data to insights to action by focusing on the human element of analytics. 

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Whitepaper: Analytics: don’t forget the human element

Many organizations are still struggling to derive value from their data and analytics initiatives and capabilities. What separates the leaders in data and analytics excellence from those organizations struggling with their programs? There is a segment of executives in this survey by EY and Forbes Insights whose enterprises have achieved higher levels of maturity. These leading organizations are seeing competitive advantage as a result of their data and analytics initiatives. Their experiences, practices and results provide a road map for other organizations to consider on their own analytics journeys.

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Whitepaper: Designing Data Science

Setting up a successful Data Science capability is no small feat, and even harder, is to ensure continued business value generation from it. Our key insight is that to be successful, organisations need to answer five fundamental questions. Though there is no universal answer to these questions, the most successful Data Science organisations answer these questions differently as they move up the Data Science maturity curve.

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Article: Insuring against industry disruption with advanced analytics

Customers are becoming more demanding as they change the way they interact with organizations; looking for faster, easier ways to engage, when and where it’s convenient for them. Analytically oriented businesses understand, and adapt to, their customers’ journeys leaving behind businesses that ask them to wait in bricks & mortar shop fronts or to stay on hold for lengthy periods of time in call centers. If businesses aren’t meeting their demands, and managing the experience in a way that engages them, customers are moving to competitors that can.

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Article: La Vuelta 2014 predictive cycling analytics

We predict the top 10 winners of the 2014 La Vuelta cycling tour using predictive analytics and we show you the results we achieved. We were able to accurately predict the top four places in our highest probability category. It would have been five of the top 10 had one of the favorites, Quintana, not retired due to injury (after two crashes). Only one finished outside the top 10.

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Article: EYC3's cycling analytics project

Using advanced analytics on Strava cycling data, we identified key cycling corridors from all directions in the Melbourne metropolitan area. Using our findings, we animated the cycling commuters along these corridors, by hour from 5am to 8pm, to help visualize the road usage and how cyclists traveled on these roads.

This animated visualization shows how cyclist commuting trends changed over the course of the day.

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Whitepaper: Is the CFO losing control of the performance management agenda?

Historically, the majority of information management projects have been driven out of the office of the CFO. Now however, there is a definite trend towards direct conversations with other lines of business. This whitepaper talks about how the CFO can maintain rigor and discipline around performance management and impart that knowledge successfully to his C-Suite counter.

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Article: Advanced sensor analytics makes business sense

Today, the availability of low-cost intelligent sensors, networked mobile devices and wireless networks is enabling data-driven decisions in domains that historically relied on intuitive problem solving. Read why a competitive strategy centered on analytics must be underpinned by an information architecture that can source, store, fuse and analyse sensor data in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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Article: The critical role of the agile product owner

The role of the product owner in an agile team is vital to success. They literally ‘own the product’ from the business perspective and play a pivotal role in the development team/s output. This representative from the business is responsible for setting the direction of the entire team, ensuring they are working on priorities of highest business value at all times. Read what a successful product owner must bring to the team in order to drive the right business outcome.

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Article: BI warnings 2013

There are many issues that may affect the success of your information management or business intelligence program or project; some are simple and some are complex. In this article, we highlight what we believe are the six top areas to watch out for in 2013 and how best to avoid them in your business.

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Whitepaper: Executive briefing with international Agile expert - Ralph Hughes

Ralph Hughes, the ‘inventor’ of Agile Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence presented executive briefings to capacity crowds in Sydney and Melbourne recently. Titled Accelerating BI/DW Value with Agile Methods; An Inside Look at Trends and Best Practices, Ralph presented findings of the worldwide 2012 Agile DW/BI Adoption Survey conducted in conjunction with TDWI and then talked through where Agile DW/BI is heading over the next ten years.

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Whitepaper: Driving low-cost, high-value

Analytics and business intelligence has moved back to the top of the technology priority list for CIOs, followed by mobile technologies and cloud computing, according to cio.com.au But while the intention to harness the beast that is BI and turn it into business gold is clearly high on the priority list, the question remains as to how it can be achieved cost effectively. Here we explore how emerging technologies and approaches can help in building a credible and convincing case to prove that BI is an affordable and compelling way to differentiate in tough competitive markets.

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Whitepaper: BI in insurance

Business intelligence and analytics provides competitive advantage to insurers and has already been employed by industry leaders around the world to cement and grow their position in the marketplace today and into the future. Overall however, the BI maturity of the insurance industry in Australia is low so there is substantial opportunity for those brave enough to tackle it.

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Article: Big data - changing the face of IM & BI

Everyone is talking ‘Big Data’…it’s the tech buzz word du jour. There is certainly merit in the discussion as Big Data will change the information landscape of the future and, for those who embrace it, will provide strong competitive advantage and insight like never before. Successful business intelligence projects of tomorrow will need to consider Big Data as part of their data landscape for the value that it delivers.

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